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Product Offerings by Ministry Of Consciousness, Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

Shamanism Products

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Medicine Bundles
Medicine Bundles are handcrafted and are wrapped packages employed as a ritual/energy/frequency aid. The size of a medicine bundle generally varies from 2 to 5 inches in length but could be larger. Contents may include a collection of various items that might include seeds, pine cones, grass, feathers, sand, animal teeth or claws, horse hair, rocks, tobacco, beads, symbols, bones, herbs, and items used to create “strengths” of energies for desirable outcomes. Are used in the processes of earth acupuncture for grid shift on land, home, office, business, can be handcrafted for an individual, partnership, death, health, prosperity, protection, elevating energy, traveling and more.

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Smudge & Purification Blends
These plant-based blends are made for the purpose of smudging for a ceremony, cleansing, Change, clearing for personal needs, business, home, office or gift. Tobacco, herbs, flowers, cedar, sweet grass, sage maybe use with intentional pray for a specific purpose of spiritual meditation. Most of the plants used in the making blends are collected by hand with pray for the intention of using them to make medicine such as smudge blends.

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Shamanic Baths
Baths include salt, essential oils, herbs and intentional proclamations. These baths have been created to clear, shift, healing, unblocking and changing the energy in the privacy of your bathroom! Bath list: Trauma, Pms, Sooth, Detox, Root Chakra, Second & BB chakra, Third chakra, Heart & Secondary Heart chakra, Spleen chakra, Throat & Mouth Of God Chakra, Third and 7th Eye Chakra and Crown chakra. Discount when ordering 5 or more baths at once.

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Prayer Flags 
All prayer flags are handmade for specific reasons, issues, places and spaces. Work best by making one for each direction covering the four directions. Handcrafted in Shamanic practices, bringing Earth, Elemental and Medicine Bundles together creates the Prayer Flags. They are long enough (24 to 30 inches)to tie on to trees, gates, doors, barns, car mirror, wherever medicine is needed. Allows wind spirit to participate in the balancing of energies. Six colors for the 6 nations. May include: sage, tobacco, Ceremonial ash, blessed water, cornmeal, pollen’s, animal hair, feathers, herbs, tree, personal belongs of the individual made for. Wind is the specific carrier of this medicine.

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Earth/Elemental Medicine
Handcrafted in Shamanic practices this Medicine brings into balance all living life forces. Each Medicine is bound by intent and prayed over during the combining of Natural World Materials. These Medicines may include sage, tobacco, ash from sacred ceremonies, blessed water, cornmeal, pollens, animal hair, feathers, herbs, tree and plant parts. We send all over the USA and each Medicine is unique to each home, office, land, farm, the body of water to aid in restoring the balance of all living energies. Once received you will find directions for carrying out the final process of the Medicine. Fire and Water are the main carriers of this medicine. or 775.624.7862