Final message from Atsila

I want to thank Bridgette personally for standing with me as we tried to revamp and reenergize The Free Cherokees, but as the founder, Sings-Alone said, “You have to decide where you put your life’s energy and is it worth it or draining the energy.” I had hoped to bring teachings and eventually gatherings to the people once we were all more on the same page, a level playing field if you will, so we would all be speaking the same language and have cultural understandings to draw from. I was told, that the Lakota teachings were not wanted but Cherokee teachings. I can only offer what I know and honor what I have been taught through my lineage and be true to those teachings. I do know Cherokee medicine teachings but chose to first offer where my heart and feet walk and that is the Good Red Road from my Lakota lineage.
As Bridgette has said, we gave it a go. It takes a lifelong learning and a community to make ceremony happen and to pull off a gathering, a few wanted it but the community concept which is the foundation of all we do, was elusive, so teachings were offered first in hopes of building that community but to no avail.

So, as the last Principal with the council, it is time to journey on to a new day in the direction Creator has us go. I was honored to walk with you for the time allotted and wish you all blessings and balance and pray you each finds your teachers upon the good Red Road.

For those few I was working with, I leave that door open to continue walking with you and learning together.

I wish you all gentle winds, strong bodies and minds and the love of family, friends, and community. May you walk softly on and in balance,
Mitakuye Oyasin,


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